Royal Chinaware

About Us


Located in Villawood, NSW, Australia, Royal Chinaware Pty Ltd brings to you a wide range of porcelain-ware, complimenting any occassion whether it is for home or commercial use (this incl. restaurants, homeware shops, hospitality suppliers, hotels, coffee shops and many more).
 Our unique products allow you to choose a table setting that is suited to your needs.
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Our products are fired at an extreme high temperature of 1380°C/ 2516° F.


Giving our products a smooth white finish with a brilliant glaze and enabling them to withstand the most rigorous tasks. 


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Customers are also able to place their logos or brand names on a specifics product of there own choosing, at the minimum quantity.

All products are designed by Royal Chinaware Pty Ltd and manufactured by our factory in China.
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